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Our new Disruptive Model

The art of  converting traffic into sales is delicate, yet extremely profitable. What I mean by that is that it is a hard thing to get right, but can yield exceptionally high results.

So why are there businesses who haven’t taken the leap? We have identified the main reason:

The costs are too high to setup a proper online presence.

  • First you need a website developer to build your site [$2000]

  • Then somebody to setup Facebook marketing [$300]

  • Them somebody to setup Google Adwords [$500]

  • Then somebody to manage your online store [$500 p.m]

  • Then need to buy email marketing software [$99 p.m]

So after your store is  setup, and you have spent an estimated $3399 (R40 765), you can now only hope to get your first sale. There is still no guarantee that your website will actually get sales!

We at Visual Click Studio didn’t like this approach. It just doesn’t make sense…

What if you can have all of that value, without the exorbitant initial costs?

What if one company could congruently manage and market every aspect of your online business?

We are the business that you have been looking for…

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