Conversion Improvement

What is Conversion?

Conversion is the process by which one converts from a first touch encounter or existing to a new or repeating sale. However, conversion does not have to be a solely sales driven process. Depending on what the purpose of the conversion is, it might be aimed driving leads into a sales process or leading them through the company website or getting the visitor to engage with the company/ brand in some way.  This need not be a manipulative process but can be done in a very natural form through images where one lets the brain do the conversion for you. Travel companies often use image conversion to create a sense of longing through endorphin stimulation.

Why do Conversion Improvement?

Conversion drives a company or brand forward. Without constantly working on and improving your rate of success with digital conversion your digital brand will begin to stagnate and die. This is not hyperbolic but rather just cold hard truth. Tweaking your existing conversion practices or trying out new options will vastly improve your success rate in the digital space. 


A simple way to look at it is if you have 100 visitors to your Facebook page a month and you convert 10% to view your website then you have 10 visitors from Facebook on your site that didn’t come through another platform. If my site converts 5% of all visitors to sales from organic traffic but 25% from Facebook, then where should my conversion improvement be most heavily focused?


Answer: What every is the simplest and most cost effective relative to results viability.

How does VCS Improve Conversion?

At Visual Click Studio we spend a lot of time on conversion strategy development and improvement. We are constantly learning new methods of conversion from subtle eye tricks that focus your brain on specific key words or images, to overt flashy capture lead holes to copy writing conversion strategy. There are many techniques to improve conversion, but our approach is not to view them as individual cheats to get more leads but rather treat them as part of a universal system.


Thus, we design our conversion processes with Agile format able to adapt quickly to the conversion targets’ patterns, needs and desires. Often our clients require specific filtering processes to be designed to make the quality of leads better which then improves the conversion process further down the line. This multiphasic conversion is one of our favourite ways to improve conversion through a sales, marketing or branding funnel.

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