Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital Advertising is a massively broad scope of marketing approaches however we specifically take advertising to imply a financial transaction to facilitate the promotion, publication or development of the advert. So, what does this include you might ask? Email adverts, Facebook banner adverts, YouTube (banners; Clip Ads and even recommended videos), page promotions, Google AdWords, Like Boosting etc. Digital advertising is an exhaustive list that stretches across many platforms. Most often it is categorised by Promotional, Traffic, Brand or Conversionary.

Why do Digital Advertising?

All companies are driven by their marketing budgets allocation to two primary components, Brand Awareness and Lead Generation. Many years ago, the Coke Company tried to cut its advertising and branding budget significantly as the board felt the company was big enough for everyone to know the company. Well it didn’t take long before sales fell heavily, and Pepsi started to sneak into the market. The question is why this happened when Coke was the biggest brand in soft drinks. The answer is simple, they stopped putting themselves in people’s recent memory, so people stopped subconsciously buying their products.


In simple terms digital advertising is the fuel by which companies grow in the modern age where most interaction is done in the digital space.

How does VCS implement Digital Advertising?

We have heard many clients tell us of past experiences with return on investment of Digital Marketing and more specifically Digital Advertising. Most have lost money, failed to generate leads or failed to get the quality of leads heir company requires. Visual Click Studio has a very careful approach to this field of the digital world. 


We like to run micro testing to obtain the specific platforms, processes and or points of interaction which return the best results. These points are then focused on in more detail with further testing to improve the quality or quantity of leads depending on the funnel strategy being employed. Finally, we are ready to scale the marketing up to a full campaign size with a real advertising budget. We find this approach, while slower than diving in headfirst, tends to help our clients save money in the long run. We favour longer running campaigns over short high value burst campaigns as these longer running campaigns can be structured to work with multiple aspects of a client’s digital brand network.



Your digital advertising shouldn’t be costing you money, it should be making you money and be doing so with relative predictability. However, the one important thing to remember is that there is a minimum threshold at which Digital Advertising is viable and if that falls outside of your budget then we advise exploring less costly options for digital marketing.

Does it sound like your Brand could benefit from Digital Advertising?

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