Sales Funnels

What are Sales Funnels?

Sales Funnels are the designed processes which guide a lead through to conversion. While this may sound very similar to conversion improvement a sales funnel is the whole process across multiple platforms while conversion refers to the process on that specific platform or engagement point. In effect a sales funnel is a complex set of systems of conversion which filter, guide and prompt purchasing by the lead. Sales funnels are generally divided into two groups, namely, primary and secondary. Primary funnels handle the bulk of all leads and sorting them into subgroups with different interests, requirements or purchasing desires. These sorted leads are then passed into secondary sales funnels which further refine the leads until a conversion happens. Often sales funnels have repeating process so as to allow clients who have purchased already to reengage and potentially purchase something more.

Why Sales Funnels work?

Sales Funnels work well when designed carefully with strategic entry and exit points. They can be designed to handle anything from cold leads (leads which have never interacted with your brand) to repeat customers, which regularly interact with the brand. The important part to remember is that a funnel is tailor designed for a specific outcome to occur rather than a specific input of lead. These types of funnels do exist however they tend to be geared very specifically at conversion, cross, up or down selling and are typically found following the initial purchase phase of a sales funnel.


So why does a designed funnel work when going with the gut also works? Simple, it’s a system which is repeatable and scalable. It is in the latter that the true power of a sales funnel lies. Because of this we can automate and digitise much of the sales process and thus scale it up simply by putting more into the top of the funnel.

How does VCS implement Sales Funnels?

Visual Click Studio prefers to map out the sales funnel before we start with any digital marketing, website building, social media content development etc. This way we have a clear understanding of all the processes that need to be integrated into each step of the various platforms. Additionally, we can focus on working out exactly what the lead should look like at each level in the funnel. This means we can tailor the conversion process at that point to the specific readiness level of the lead at that level and determine how best to elevate it at the next level.


Our approach is one that minimises wastage of marketing costs to generate leads to start with and significantly pushes up the conversion capabilities of the different levels of a sales funnel. This careful approach also allows us to use a method of passive filtering to make sure that only those leads that meet specific requirements reach the end of the funnel without that lead becoming aware that they are being filtered in the first place. In effect letting them “Down Gently”

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