Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the broad term used by digital marketers to describe the act of looking after the social media needs of a specific group or brand. These services typically include some elements of content creation, but it is primarily focused around post positioning through timing, audience selection and audience interaction. At a low level it might be something as simple as regular weekly posts to promote the brand while at a high level it may include customer relationship management elements as well. Generally, it is the management of multiple social media accounts, post statistic tracking and posting of regular content for engagement and brand building purposes. It may be geared towards informative or educational branding or it may be purely used as a brand awareness process. Regardless of purpose good Social Media Management has become a cornerstone of the digital marketing age.

Why Social Media Management works?

Social Media Management works because it creates a regular and consistent point of engagement for those wanting to interact with your brand at some specified level. It significantly bolsters brand identity and brand consistency while also boosting searchability of the brand through organic means. Additionally, at a higher level it can grant very useful data points off of which brand strength, brand perception and brand relatability can be quickly gauged. Further to this, it can be used to gather data on the types of people who like to interact with your brand on a regular basis making tailored solutions for sales funnels possible in ways not previously imaginable before the advent of social media. At an extremely high level a technique called Interactive Network Building can even be used to penetrate very difficult or specific markets which otherwise would have been very hard to target through conventional marketing methods.

How does VCS Manage Social Media?

Social Media Management is a very time-consuming exercise especially for brands on multiple platforms. Visual Click Studio will see to it that all the platforms are optimised with the correct engagement strategy for your brand. We seldom promote doing every platform but rather opt for a high-quality targeted approach which can create feedback loops of engagement for brands resulting better brand building and lead relationship building.


We’ll speak directly to potential customers, always putting your brands best foot forward. Our brand specific approach means more than just having content just for your brand. It means considering and using the best content to catch the public’s attention and prompting them to engage with your brand, website or sales funnel. Additional to this we favour a content driving and promotional model of Social Media Management whereby we like to showcase the value-added content produced by either your company or ours on your behalf and then drive engagement with it. Never underestimate the value of people seeing your brand as a point of regular engagement in their daily or weekly routines.

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