Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance covers a rather broad field of technical work that is done to keep a website up and running effectively and efficiently. Generally, it is done with a mixture of automated, weekly and monthly and annual checking. It involves fixing broken plugins, code maintenance, data protection, testing page functionality, link updating, content updates and even documentation maintenance.

Why do Website Maintenance?

Things break online. It can happen once a month, once a year or every day for weeks on end if your site has high traffic levels. For most companies their traffic levels are at best in the small to moderate ranges of daily hits. However, this does not mean maintenance should be ignored or downplayed, indeed for these clients it is vital that their site remain up to date as most do not have massive budgets to throw at clawing their SEO back to where it was before an extended break. 


We have seen clients lose thousands of dollars because they didn’t have maintenance being done on their site. They lost traffic, SEO and half a million dollars in sales because a few quick to fix plugins had broken. 


The larger and more complex the site the more work there is to be done in keeping all the wheels spinning. In much the same way that missing a car service is not likely to affect your brand-new car from running smoothly within a year or two things will start to go wrong. Eventually those unnoticed little things will become major problems.

How does VCS implement Website Maintenance?

Visual Click Studio does web maintenance under a best practice process. We have a basic monthly package which can be paid at the start of each month. The package includes all standard maintenance and an hour of development time each month so the content can be updated in minor ways. This helps boost the SEO as google sees the website is not just maintained but also being regularly updated. Bigger packages can be customised for clients that require more complex or extensive maintenance or updates.


In an age where security, SEO and functionality are so critical, and people have no time to revisit sites that are broken. The question becomes how can you not afford website maintenance or website updates?

Does it sound like your Website could benefit from some Maintenance?

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