Digital Solutions

Brand Strategy

Increasing consistency

Brand layout is where we format and conceive a structural design for your company’s digital blueprint. Many brands out there fail to take this crucial step into account resulting in a hodgepodge format to their brand structure. 

Talk to the world

Let us help you bridge the gap between your business and the web, by creating a user friendly web interface that brings your brand to the rest of the world.  With our passion and industry expertise we will bring your corporate identity to life.

User Experience Design

Cherish your users

We define success at User Experience (UX) when all users can easily interact with your website, without running into barriers of confusion and frustration. Websites should be easy to navigate by tech savvy children as well as not-so-savvy adults. All our User Interfaces (UI) are carefully designed to offer the most optimised interaction.

Make an impact

Marketing strategies relate directly to sales acquisition. We will help you develop tailored digital marking strategies, to ensure your brand profitability and to reach our ideal clientele.

Sell more, spend less

Marketing strategies relate directly to sales acquisition. We will help you develop tailored digital marking strategies, to ensure your brand profitability. 

Brand Management

Establishing authority

Your brand needs stellar content in order to drive traffic to your site. This will help your brand image, authority and conversion depending on the positioning and structure of the content. We will craft content for things like video script writing and written copy content writing (email blasts, newsletters, annual reports, blog posts, articles, social media content production).

Taking care of the day to day

Let us maintain your website. We will take care of any errors that occur and keep all software updated constantly so that your business is not vulnerable to attacks. Let us take care for your website so that you can focus on your business. Our maintenance packages include an hour of free design / content work each month.

Keep driving engagement

Everyone knows their brand needs a social media presence. Here at Visual Click Studio we aim for consistency of image, message and purpose with your brands posting. This includes post scheduling, post crafting, positioning, client interaction funnels, multi platform engagement, cross platform pollination and direct client engagement on behalf of your brand.

Brand Growth

Bang for your buck

Most websites and marketing strategies do not focus heavily on conversion. Instead they rely on volume of traffic. While a reliable method of reaching sales it is a brute force approach to sales. Conversion Improvement is an analytic reconstruction of the mental processes happening to a lead as they interact with your brand. This data is then used to structure the correct outcomes for that lead’s needs thus resulting in higher sales conversion.

Guide your clients

Sales Funnels are what get your customers started in the buying process for your product. It’s the process customers go through to become customers. This process is often multi-platform but generally integrated into the company website.

Make the most of your marketing

We will help you maximise your marketing budget using cost-effective tools and careful monitoring, making sure you’re using the best tools for your brand. Here at Visual Click Studio we offer a mix of digital and traditional advertising to maximize your brand exposure and optimize your client interactions. We’ll help your brand grow using smarter marketing methods.

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