Brand Layout

What is Brand Layout?

Simply put it is the way the brand is structured to fit together. Most companies never actually do this process strategically or with purpose. Instead it happens organically over time. This goes doubly for when brands move into the digital space. So, you might be thinking that your brand is well structured, but have you ever actually done the exercise of connecting all the points where your brand meets customers, leads, clients and the broader public? If you have done this for the digital space, you will see how complex the web ends up being. The puzzle is very difficult to make all the pieces fit together correctly.

Why do Brand Layout?

The why is derived from the what in this case. Brands are complex and voluminous, especially in the digital space. It is for this reason that one needs to strategically lay out one’s digital brand and process. Mapping out the correct links between the company, its existing clients and lead generation networks. Additionally, one could even look to optimise or shorten interaction networks, however this can only be accomplished if the brand layout has been mapped or predesigned. The purpose of this approach is twofold. Firstly, it saves the brand money and secondly it makes the message carrying far quicker and more effective.

How does VCS implement

At Visual Click Studio we tend to favour simplicity over vast complex networks. This we find tends to improve lead interaction with the brand from first touch to repeat client level. Because the digital options for branding are so vast, we like to slim down the options and tailor to only those that work best for the brand with which we are working. This may sound simple however planning the interaction network for the brand is a highly complex endeavour. We tend to favour using a website as an anchorage for the digital brand network and then build outwards from it being careful to only put our clients in touch with the correct market groups.


If the brand is established online already this actual becomes even more critical. Often, we find clients have been approaching the digital space completely from the wrong angle and must do some work with the brand to get it back on track and streamlined.

Does it sound like your Brand could benefit from so Brand Layout?

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