Ecommerce Strategy

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is the process of fulfilling a commercial transaction by way of the internet. Most people think of Ecommerce in terms of Shopify, Amazon or Facebook marketplace however in reality this field covers all aspects of digital transactions where the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions in exchange for goods or services.

Why do Ecommerce Strategy?

Global retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach $27 trillion by 2020.

Ecommerce is a major component of modern digital sales interaction and is fast becoming an expected component of any serious business website. Not having an ecommerce option for purchase, booking or meeting scheduling is just leaving money on the table. It is important to understand just having such a purchase option is the absolute bare minimum requirement. To truly do well you need a strategy that prompts, promotes or incentivises digital engagement regardless of platform engaged on. This strategy might be subtly on your website and yet garish on Facebook page. Ultimately it depends on the target audience and intention.

How does VCS implement Ecommerce Strategy?

Visual Click Studio looks at Ecommerce from a client up process rather than the traditional product down process. This means we start at who the end point user is and what they might be looking for and where. Then we take that engagement point and trace it to the brand/ company and see if some product or service will fit them. This allows us to quickly then construct multiple product sales options which can then be retraced back to the potential client. This back-to-front approach sounds counterintuitive however it starts with the client and ends with the client rather than starting with the product and ending with the product. The shift in mindset means we can push digital sales in a more effective direction depending on the purpose of the product or service.

We like to digitise and simplify the buying process for both our clients and their clients. This makes digital purchasing far more likely and less confusing for all parties.

Does it sound like your Brand could benefit from some Ecommerce Strategy?

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