Marketing Strategy

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is a broad term that is often bandied about but very few people or companies truly understand it. Marketing strategy is best summarised as the understanding of what people desires and how best to relate your company, product or service to their desires. A lot of companies or people believe marketing is just MAKING people buy your product, but this is wrong. 


What real marketing is getting people to KNOW they NEED your product. If people are not prepared to crawl across broken glass to get your product they are not going to buy with any consistency.

Why do Marketing Strategy?

The why is derived from the what in this case. Brands are complex and voluminous, especially in the digital space. It is for this reason that one needs to strategically lay out one’s digital brand and process. Mapping out the correct links between the company, its existing clients and lead generation networks. Additionally, one could even look to optimise or shorten interaction networks, however this can only be accomplished if the brand layout has been mapped or predesigned. The purpose of this approach is twofold. Firstly, it saves the brand money and secondly it makes the message carrying far quicker and more effective.

How does VCS structure Digital Marketing

Visual Click Studio approaches marketing by starting off with a question. What is the purpose of the marketing run, campaign, email blast etc. We are not looking for targets or numerical profit margins; instead we are asking the client to tell us what they hope to achieve with the campaign in the broad sense. Once we have this purpose understood clearly, we can design a process which can target people correctly. Too many marketers are interested purely in statistics or forcing sales however we have come to understand that what drives marketing success is a clear understanding of your target objective and the target audience. Ultimately people are human beings and not ATM machines.


To the VCS team Digital Marketing Strategy is like telling a story to a child, you need to pique their interest first, lead them down a path of adventure and experience; and finally see them succeed in their journey. This process of market engagement generally leads to higher conversion ratio’s and more favourable client retention or interactions. 

Does it sound like your Brand could benefit from some Market Strategy?

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