Website Development

What is Website Development?

Website Development has come a long way since the early 90’s. In the modern age a website is so much more than just a digital business card or a sales platform. Website Development now involves very evolved processes to build a foundational based off of which to build your digital empire. It has become a platform integration tool or anchor point for your digital brand. So what makes a developed site different from a self-built site? Simple, expertise and knowledge of what works and doesn’t work and tailoring that to suit your company/ brand specific needs. These days websites which are developed are generally multi-device functional, SEO efficient, structured to convert or showcase or inform. They might have ecommerce functionality, webinar hosting, video hosting, customer registry support etc. But what really sets them apart is that a true developed website is uniquely designed, written, coded, structured and built to be the centre of a digital brand.

Why Website Development works?

Website development works for many reasons, primarily because a true developed website is a custom piece of systemised art. It has a singular purpose which drives its core functionality, design and scope. Attached to this are secondary goals, functions or purposes but critically the primary purpose or objective of a developed website is what guides every aspect of it. Because of this core principle a developer can then extrapolate every other aspect of the digital marketing from this central core. If properly designed, structured and copywritten a developed site will draw in leads without any additional marketing or traffic driving and convert that lead according to the site purpose. It becomes your brand’s personality or identity which introduces your brand to the web a whole. How effective this introduction is, is directly dependent on the quality of the site’s copy, image selection, design, look and feel, and functionality.

How does VCS Develop Websites?

Visual Click Studio started off specifically with website development when it was first founded and so much our specialised strategies revolve around website incorporation to achieve full effect. We take great care in gathering as much information about our clients, their industry and what is happening in their regions or target markets. This lets us take the company identity, philosophy and purpose and showcase it in the best possible way. Our team doesn’t expect you to be a copywriter or photographer or colour expert or sales expert; after all that is why we are hired. Instead all we need from the client is an information dump of every aspect of the brand, sales process, service delivery expectations, processes, culture, identity and most importantly, the vision of the company and purpose of the website. We take care of the rest.


Our sites are heavily SEO focused from a technical and copy perspective. We take care to make the visually appealing and practically engaging or interesting to visit. We want people to want to come back again and again and really get something of value from the site, even if its just a sense of wow. We want to see your brand put it’s best foot forward and really engage with visitors at a cost effective and affordable price tag. Value Talks in website development and we want to see our clients get wowed for the price.

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