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Having a stellar website is just one part of a successful business strategy. Helping potential customers find your site is equally, if not even more, important. If your website it isn’t bringing in customers, it’s not working as it should be. VCS offers SEO services wherein we will review your website and formulate a strategy to help you improve your site’s traffic and search engine rankings.

Why VCS does SEO

Our mission is to help your website achieve higher search engine rankings. We’ll use all the tools at our disposal to help targeted leads find your site, and to turn them into customers.

Keyword Analysis

Our SEO strategy starts with determining the keywords that are associated with your brand. We determine the keywords for which you business should rank and assign them to your website.

On Site Optimisation

We will ensure that your visitors are enjoying the user experience (UX) your website provides. We do this by using design and typography that makes it easy for your clients to consume your content.

Website Accessibility

Website design entails creating ergonomic and thoughtful experiences for both humans and SEO bots. Our skill and demonstrated hisroty of expertise will create a website that gets you where you want to go.

Backlink Generation

Link building is critical for the success of your SEO strategy. We help your business by creating a backlink strategy for your business and rolling it out. Backlinks are one of the top ranking tools by Google, and are key for the success of your website.

SEO Auditing

SEO audits provide a solid foundation for future marketing efforts, and improves your businesses organic search rankings. Our SEO audits can be done when you’re building a new site, redesigning a current site, or to solve search engine-related issues.

SEO Maintenance

Our SEO maintenance is offered to keep your business at the top. This involves the ongoing and routine process of maintaining and increasing your rankings in search results by improving your website’s SEO, from updating content to fixing broken site links.


We analyze your business’s SEO strategy to ensure that you are performing at your best. Our experienced team help you drive more leads to your website and increase your on page conversion rate.
I cannot say enough about the VCS team. I needed to do a significant rebrand of my company and it was complex being a global company and working in multiple industries with very different “feels” and cultures. I wanted someone who could understand what we were looking for but yet take us somewhere that I couldn’t envisage. VCS more than exceeded expectation. They produced not only technically advanced work but created beautiful work. They were curious and researched my industry thoroughly.
Sonja Muller
Muller & Associates
350 %
Average Client Return on Investment
50 %
Average Client Growth in Organic Traffic
50 %
Average Client Increase in Sales

The Start of a great partnership

With real strategy, real solutions and real experience, Visual Click Studio is here to make digital marketing work for you. Let us transform your brand into the industry leader you know it can be. 

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