A maintained website is a happy website

Website Maintenance

Unfortunately websites do break down from time to time. There are many reasons why this happens: hosting upgrades, hacking, software conflicts, plugin updates, bugs, etc. Since this is the reality with most websites, we now offer monthly maintenance services.

We will take care of any website issues that arise, schedule regular backups, and keep everything nice and updated for you. Included in our maintenance plan is 1 hour of FREE work per month to make any changes, additions, or design updates to your website. Cloudflare CDN can be implemented on request, at no extra cost.


Over the past few years in the industry, we have found that most active websites need an average of about 1-2 hours of work each month. Sometimes they need no work, and sometimes they need more than usual. This is to keep everything updated, look for any bugs or errors that creep in, make sure the SEO stays relevant and making simple design and content changes.

Our maintenance contract comes in at a price of $60 (R750) per month.


No Contracts


No Complexity


No Complaints

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