Q3 2021 Digital Marketing | What To Expect

2021, as the successor of the apocalyptic nightmare that was 2020, has felt a little surreal for a lot of people. The world is trying to brush itself off and get back to work, but there’s nervousness that only comes from the unpredictability of the last year. At the same time, so many businesses have inspired us in the last year with their resilience and commitment to rolling with the punches. The last year has shown all business owners and employees the power of digital.

The digital marketing landscape is thriving, and it has now become clear that digital marketing can revitalize your business. With expert advice from a digital marketing consultant, you can connect, engage and convert prospective customers. Here are some of the trends you can expect for the next financial quarter in digital marketing.


eCommerce Continues Rising


COVID-19 has made many retailers and brands transition to a permanent online operation, with a 77% increase in online spending in the last 12 months. Amazon has famously seen the largest boom in its eCommerce in over 3 years. With the convenience and availability of eCommerce becoming increasingly apparent to consumers, this safe way of shopping allows people to stay home and #staysafe. As consumers have become accustomed to this “new” way of life, it is certain that eCommerce will only sky-rocket from here on.


Growth in Interactive Learning and Education Online


Students and young professionals have found ways to keep learning online, and so have businesses when it comes to sharing knowledge. With technology, anything is possible – marketers have found that online events; be it conferences, one-on-ones, or live social interactions have enabled them to gain a wider reach with global audiences. It is a cost-effective approach that yields many benefits. You can get to know your audiences better, gather data more efficiently, drive quality leads, deliver more engaging content, and build trust with your customers. To add, online events are much easier to track from a performance basis.


Even more Personalised Targeted ads


As if artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools couldn’t be any more useful, they’re helping search engines and brands create highly segmented ads. Google Ads, for instance, are more precise than ever before. Now, brands can only show customers ads that are relevant to them or recent searches. AI algorithms are enabling marketers to gather accurate, real-time data of their customers, for example, their location, search history, and interests, and formulate concise buying personas according to that information. By having access to such data, you will get a greater return on investment (ROI) for your efforts.


Video Marketing Coming to the Fore


Since the overnight obsession with TikTok amongst Millennial and Generation Z customers, video has taken content marketing by storm. Our series on Social Media has been taking a look at some of these marketing trends, so check those out to learn more. B2B marketers, in particular, tend to shy away from video content creation because of the stigma associated with the “boring” industry. If anything, a short video can offer the opposite; authentic connections and a differentiating brand in such a competitive market. Other social platforms that also allow you to create short videos are Facebook Instagram and Snapchat. These videos can be anything from 10-seconds to three minutes, giving you the perfect amount of time to respond to questions, demo a product, and more.


In-App Shopping


Much like a general omnichannel approach, social media marketing is offering customers in-app opportunities to shop. In-app shopping has become a major trend amongst the younger generations because of convenience. Customers are reluctant to continue their search or purchase items if they have to switch between applications to make payments. Why? Because it’s disruptive. Customers want to be able to engage with a brand and shop online in one place. To find out more about implementing a seamless eCommerce experience into your brand journey, get in contact with one of our consultants.

With knowledge and insight on your side, your brand can soar to new heights in Q3 2021. Get into contact with one of our consultants here at VCS to take your brand to the next level.




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